Friday, April 11, 2008

Best Buddies

Daniella and Arianna have known each other since they were 3 months old. They were born one day apart. They love to spend time with one another. Today we went to Pullen Park and as always when it was time to go home, Ari didn't want to leave her buddy.
Because the girls are such great friends, the boys have no choice but to be friends:) Funny thing is that the girls favor each other and the boys favor each other. Steph and I could trade kids and it would be like having 2 sets of fraternal twins. Ari's expression below sums up how I feel about the Pereras:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We have been discussing Insects the last couple of weeks in school. Today we talked about the life cycle of a butterfly. We read one of my favorite books "Charlie the Caterpillar" by Dom Deluise. The kids enjoyed pretending to be first caterpillars... Then they entered their cocoons...

Then they were beautiful butterflies:

Monday, April 7, 2008

For the Love of...

Chris proposed to Ari yesterday that if she would vacuum the stairs that he would give her 2 quarters which was 50 cents. She looked at him thought for a moment and said will you give me 4 M&Ms instead?

"I Superman"

Ryan is getting into dressing up and pretend play. He will come up point to his chest and say "I Superman" or "I Mickey Mouse". He likes to pretend to be Diego, Mickey, Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Superman and Mickey Mouse. I am glad to see him wanting to be boy characters as he has his sister's constant Princess influence. I pulled down a bin from the attic yesterday and Ryan was so excited about the boy costumes. Now I have a princess and a superhero running around:)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Patience of a 4 Year Old

I walked up to the playroom today to what seemed like a scene from Toy Story. The animals were lined up so perfectly it looked like they were intently listening to someone.

I called Ari up and asked if she did it. She said "They were listening to Snow White tell a story." I was amazed at the patience it must have taken to sit each animal up so nicely.

Arianna's Loving Sacrifice

Ryan was told to go to the bathroom to get a spanking because he wasn't listening. Arianna suddenly said"I will go to the bathroom instead. Give me Ryan's spanking." Chris and I turned and looked at her. I asked her if she was serious. She said "yes, please don't spank Ryan, spank me instead". Because of her love and sacrifice for her brother, he didn't get a spanking. (We didn't spank her either).

It is amazing and encouraging when they really get the life lessons that we try so hard to teach. Over 2 weeks ago when we were talking about Easter, we talked a lot about Jesus dying and taking our punishment for us. Good to see that she was listening and really took it to heart!