Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frogs and Dogs

We found a huge toad on the front porch tonight. Chris brought it in and put it in the sink for the kids to play with. The dogs had a fit. Apollo loves to hunt toads! We looked at the different features of the frog.
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My Precious Dad

Many of you know that my Dad had a stroke a little over a week ago. That is why I am so behind on my blogs. The doctors did not expect him to make it through last Wednesday night and he has pulled through. He is still in the hospital and is slowly recovering. He doesn't have feeling or movement on his left side. He isn't able to swallow on his own. He is going through therapy to help regain these things. I have been going to visit and stay three nights in a row and then rejoin my family for a couple of days of rest.

I am so grateful for the special times that I have been able to spend with Daddy over the last week. My Dad and I have always loved each other but haven't always known how to build a deeper relationship. My parents divorced when I was young and my Mom remarried when I was five. Who knew that a stroke would bring my Daddy and I this close. I hate that he has to go through this but am glad for our times together.

Arianna's Debut

Arianna sung on stage at church for the first time this past Sunday. She was very excited about being on stage! She did a great job. I think her favorite part was when the audience cheered!
They signed the song "Jesus Loves Me" and sung and signed to "Lamb of God". Ari is in the middle front.
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