Friday, July 17, 2009

Hidden Valley Wonders

Today we went on a field trip with the Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. It was a beautiful place! This is my dream place to raise kids. The kids and I had a blast exploring God's creation! We saw geese, domestic and wild ducks, guineas, horses, a rabbit, pygmy goats, butterflies, dragonflies and fields to run free and innocent in.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ari got a haircut

No, it was not because we decided to get a haircut but because Ari temporarily lost her mind and cut her hair today at naptime.  I had to cut off a good 3-4 inches to somewhat even up her chop job.  However I didn’t cut the back as short as she had cut the front.  She lost scissor privileges for 1 month.  She encouraged me as I was cutting her hair…”Mommy isn’t it a good thing I told the truth instead of lying about it.  I thought about lying but decided to tell the truth instead.”  That is a huge victory as we have talked many times about telling the truth.  Those without kids would ask, how in the world could you lie about that…there is not way to hide it.  However the mind of a 5 year old isn’t always rational. 

Funny thing is that I had prayed just the other day about whether I should cut her hair to thicken it up. It was a bit thin at the bottom but I didn’t want to lose her beautiful curls.   There certainly was not a question of whether or not to cut it once she finished with it!


Above is the pile of hair that she initially hid under her bed.  I kept asking her what she was thinking and she said she didn’t know.  Maybe my prayer had her hands moving beyond her control:)DSC_0085

Above was from the first time I cut it.  I didn’t cut enough off and had to go back and cut more later. She cut so much off the front that it was difficult to match the back with the front without giving her a boy cut. 


Above is after the final cut (Ari was goofing off with banana in her mouth).  The front is still drastically different but the back looks better.  It certainly makes her hair look thicker.  The cut reminds me of how her friend Daniella wears her hair.  Parenting is certainly never boring!!!