Saturday, August 16, 2008

All Caught Up

Sorry for the mass of posts. I was so far behind and unloaded my camera to tons of pics. I hope you enjoy all of the updates on what our family has been up to this summer. We are getting full swing into school with the kids and they love it. Hopefully life will slow down a bit for us and I won't get so behind on posting on this blog:) I will try to do better and not overwhelm you with a zillion posts next time:)

Until next time.....

Family Geocaching

What is geocaching you ask? Well in a nutshell it is like treasure hunting. You use your GPS to locate these treasures. Today was our 2nd time going Geocaching. We found 4 caches today at Crowder Park.
Ryan using the handheld GPS
Ari finds our 2nd cache (these are our favorite type of caches because you can trade out treasures)
Chris reading the log book
Ari and Ryan sorting through the treasures

Ari signing the log book

Daddy, Ryan and Ari with our 3rd cache-Frog Fest
Mommy, Ryan and Ari with our 4th find-Meeko
This is quickly becoming one of our favorite things to do as a family!

Nature Hams

Aren't they adorable?
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Field Trip to Beach

We went to the beach with three other homeschooling families. There were 9 kids under 5. We had a great time.
Jenny doing a science experiment with salt water.
Enjoying watermelon in the parking lot.
Ari on the jumping giraffe.

Making our own oceans

Due to car trouble, LaTisha stayed an extra day with us...She and Nyshawn joined us for school. We have been discussing oceans so we made our own ocean out of shaving cream and paint.

Beach Trip to Shackleford Island

Okay I know this is a lot of posts but I am so far behind on this so I am catching up...I am at least up to this week now:)
On Monday, we went on a day trip to Shackleford Island with my best friend LaTisha and her nephew Nyshawn.
We took a ferry over to the island.

Ryan really enjoyed the ferry:)
The island is known for it's pluthera of shells. We came back with tons of shells!

Ryan enjoyed being buried. He said he was like Spiderman when he breathed because the sand went up and down with his lungs. (Not sure why he related that to spiderman but he thought it was cool!)
Nyshawn the sand cookie:)

There are also wild horses on the island but everyone was too tired to walk to that side of the island to see them. This is one of my favorite places...Chris and I have camped there before.

Pool Party with Friends

This is their version of laying out in the sun:)
The boys chilling together
Ms. Jennifer with Canaan and Ryan

Aunt Latisha

One of my bestest friends in the whole world came to spend the weekend with us. The kids enjoyed playing with her:) We went geocaching for the first time that weekend too but I lost my camera at Bond Lake which had the pics on it...Bummer! I hope someone is getting good use out of my treasured camera! Though I am sad about losing my camera, I am very very sad about the pictures that were lost:( Anyway thanks Tisha for teaching us to geocache, we had so much fun!
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Ari's Dance Camp Recital

Arianna and her best friend Daniella were in summer camp together. The theme was Belle's Ball and they had a recital together at the end of the week. Both girls had so much fun!


I am convinced that Cavemen children shot guns at each other and played super heroes even though neither existed during their time. Ryan loves the superheroes and is into shooting things. He has not seen the superheroes on TV and we haven't had guns in our house. Now of course both superheroes and make shift guns are competing with the many princesses around here. Ryan is definately ALL BOY!
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