Friday, November 21, 2008

Let It Snow

As I sat hear updating my blog, the kids watching Fantasia and what to my wondering eyes did appear but...snow. We got dressed REALLY quick and ran out to enjoy the snow drops. The kids don't remember ever seeing snow so they were very excited.

It was so cool to look straight up and see the beautiful snow drops coming down. We spent a lot of time watching them.

Ari caught a snow flake on her eye lash.
Ari went up to the tree and said "Are you okay climbing tree". I thought it was funny that she was talking to the tree and had actually named it.

They enjoyed hot chocoloate after playing in the snow.

At the Ball

Ari and Ryan pretended they were going to a ball last night.
They were so cute dancing together! Thanks Aunt Leigh for sharing all of your beautiful dance costumes with Ari. She LOVES them!

My Little Scrapper

The newest scrapbooker...Arianna.

I have been working on our Family Disney Scrapbook and I saved my extra pictures for Ari. She has been wanting to learn to scrapbook. Yesterday she got her wish. She was so excited! She finished 5 pages! She really did a great job cutting and gluing and decorating her pages. I am excited to have Mommy daughter time to do something that I love! I have a crop at my house on Saturday and she plans to join us for a bit to work on her album.

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Random Happenings

Most of the reason I keep a blog is to be able to share pictures with family and friends about what we are up to. This is just a random post with various pics of the kids from the last few days. Enjoy:)

Ryan hanging out with Pandora in the clothes basket. Ari and Ryan were pretending the clothes basket was the Mayflower and they were traveling from England to the New World.
Ryan hanging out talking on the phone to Nana
Ari and Ryan were enthralled by Polar Express. They sat in this chair like this for most of the movie. It was so sweet at the end. Arianna ran to me and said "Mommy I don't believe in the man with the long beard. I believe in you Mommy" Then she gave me a big hug. Awwww:)
Ryan loves to wear his hair like a porcupine. He wore it to go out yesterday for the first time. (Usually we do it after bath before bed so it settles in the night). But yesterday he took a rare morning shower. It was funny seeing his hair dry into being spiked. He looked like an 80s boy.
We had a playdate with my kindred friend yesterday. My kids had a blast playing with her kids.

I am afraid this will be our daughter in college (minus the lack of clothes underneath). She loves her purple blanket. She says she wants to take it to college. The blanket has many uses...clothes, cape, gift wrap, sword, hat, ghost, to name a few . Ryan gave his blanket up over a year ago. Arianna has no intentions of ever giving hers up.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Nieces and Nephew

This past weekend, I went to visit my sister and Mom. It was my first time seeing my new niece-Katelyn. My kids were so excited to meet their new cousin. We also went to celebrate Graceson's (my nephew) 1st Birthday. Both kids are my sisters. Boy does she have her hands full with 2 little ones! We laughed when we took all of the kids out. We had a 4 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old, 1 year old and a 0 year old. We got a lot of strange looks. My niece Layla was the 3 year old and she stayed with us most of the time. She and Ryan are 2 months apart so they looked like twins.

This is my sweet niece Katelyn. She is such a sweet and cuddly baby. I loved snuggling with her this past weekend!
Layla, Ari and Ryan hanging out on the porch...kid style
Layla and Ari in old dance costumes that belonged to me and my sister Leigh Ann.
Ari and Ryan resting with baby Katelyn.

My big helper Arianna feeding baby Katelyn
Graceson eating his 1st Birthday Cake
Me and my sweet baby girl!
I miss my nieces and nephew already!