Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Christmas Day

 xmas 2009_1225 4442

Ari making one of our mosaics. 

 xmas 2009_1225 4447

The pups love Christmas too.  Below Sara is hanging out with the pups!xmas 2009_1225 4448 xmas 2009_1225 4449

Above Daddy is putting together a Star Wars vehicle.  Below Ari is taking a break with a pup.

xmas 2009_1225 4452

Papa and Arianna coloring.  xmas 2009_1225 4453

Ryan got the Star Wars movies for Christmas.  Here he is watching one of them.  xmas 2009_1225 4454

He crashed during the movie.  yes he is really asleep here.  This is what the family Christmas tradition does to little ones:)xmas 2009_1225 4455

My sister joined us Christmas night.  Here Graceson is playing video games the next morning with Ari and Ryan.  xmas 2009_1225 4456

Everyone watching another Star Wars movie.  We watched all 6 during the few days everyone was visiting. 

Christmas 2009_

Christmas Day

Wanna know what we did all day Christmas Day… xmas 2009_1225 4441 xmas 2009_1225 4443 xmas 2009_1225 4444 xmas 2009_1225 4445 xmas 2009_1225 4449 xmas 2009_1225 4450 xmas 2009_1225 4451

…put together legos, legos and more legos!

Christmas Morning Part 2

The kids were so excited to open their presents! 

 xmas 2009_1225 4427

Above Ryan shows off one of his new star wars figures.  Below he is excited about his new slingshot.  xmas 2009_1225 4428 xmas 2009_1225 4429

Arianna is excited about new clothes and shoes for Sara.xmas 2009_1225 4430 xmas 2009_1225 4431 xmas 2009_1225 4432 xmas 2009_1225 4433 xmas 2009_1225 4434 xmas 2009_1225 4435

Above Chris shows off the gift from Ryan.  Below Chris has his new mug…Everything tastes better with dog hair xmas 2009_1225 4436 xmas 2009_1225 4437

Above,Ryan is dressed up as a Ninja.  Below Arianna is already building with legos.

xmas 2009_1225 4438

We were glad to have Yaya and Papa with us for the festivities.  They were the beginning of this goofy family tradition many, many years ago!xmas 2009_1225 4439

xmas 2009_1225 4440

Christmas Morning Part 1

Our family tradition is that you can get up anytime after midnight for Christmas.  Well Arianna was up at 12:01am.  I guess she stayed up and watched the clock.  So we were opening gifts while you were probably visions of sugar plums were still dancing in your head.  This year we changed things up a little bit in that we didn’t leave special gifts under the tree.  Instead there was a Star hanging on our tree for Ari and Ryan to follow to try to find the presents similar to the three wise men and how they found Baby Jesus.  My husband is really good at making up clues.   The kids enjoy following the clues!  Ari keeps saying can we do this every Easter and Christmas?

xmas 2009_1224 4420

xmas 2009_1224 4417

xmas 2009_1225 4423

xmas 2009_1225 4424

xmas 2009_1224 4418

xmas 2009_1225 4425

xmas 2009_1224 4419 xmas 2009_1225 4426      xmas 2009_1224 4421

Christmas Eve

This was the first Christmas Eve (that I can remember) that I spent with my Daddy.  We enjoyed the time with family!  xmas memas_1224 4416

Above is my Mema…she is one of the strongest women I know.  I love spending time with her.  I always learn so much from her!

xmas memas_1224 4411

We all shared a meal together. xmas memas_1224 4412 xmas memas_1224 4413

The kids were excited to open presents together.  xmas memas_1224 4414 xmas memas_1224 4415

My Dad wasn’t feeling very well…he has been fighting Shingles in his face and eye.  I didn’t even get a picture with him but thankfully there will be many more times together unlike what we thought this time last year!

More Christmas Happenings


This is our countdown to Christmas “thingy”.  Each day they gave me a kiss on the cheek and they got to eat a Hershey’s Kiss.  DSC_0002  more crafts_1221 4403

Ari making snowflake ornamentsmore crafts_1221 4404

The gingerbread house that Ari made

more crafts_1221 4405

Goliath and Arianna were helping fill the puppies’ stockings. 

goliath helps