Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Christmas Day

 xmas 2009_1225 4442

Ari making one of our mosaics. 

 xmas 2009_1225 4447

The pups love Christmas too.  Below Sara is hanging out with the pups!xmas 2009_1225 4448 xmas 2009_1225 4449

Above Daddy is putting together a Star Wars vehicle.  Below Ari is taking a break with a pup.

xmas 2009_1225 4452

Papa and Arianna coloring.  xmas 2009_1225 4453

Ryan got the Star Wars movies for Christmas.  Here he is watching one of them.  xmas 2009_1225 4454

He crashed during the movie.  yes he is really asleep here.  This is what the family Christmas tradition does to little ones:)xmas 2009_1225 4455

My sister joined us Christmas night.  Here Graceson is playing video games the next morning with Ari and Ryan.  xmas 2009_1225 4456

Everyone watching another Star Wars movie.  We watched all 6 during the few days everyone was visiting. 

Christmas 2009_

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Chaotic Beauty said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Isn't it funny how Star Wars makes it into our every day lives :)