Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Morning Part 1

Our family tradition is that you can get up anytime after midnight for Christmas.  Well Arianna was up at 12:01am.  I guess she stayed up and watched the clock.  So we were opening gifts while you were probably visions of sugar plums were still dancing in your head.  This year we changed things up a little bit in that we didn’t leave special gifts under the tree.  Instead there was a Star hanging on our tree for Ari and Ryan to follow to try to find the presents similar to the three wise men and how they found Baby Jesus.  My husband is really good at making up clues.   The kids enjoy following the clues!  Ari keeps saying can we do this every Easter and Christmas?

xmas 2009_1224 4420

xmas 2009_1224 4417

xmas 2009_1225 4423

xmas 2009_1225 4424

xmas 2009_1224 4418

xmas 2009_1225 4425

xmas 2009_1224 4419 xmas 2009_1225 4426      xmas 2009_1224 4421

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