Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Girl

My American Girl got her very own look alike American Girl from Yaya for Christmas (Thanks Yaya).  This was Arianna’s favorite present.   After she opened the present, she said…”I didn’t think I would ever have an American Girl doll.”  This was her big wish for Christmas and I told her that it was very expensive and I wasn’t sure anyone would spend that much on a doll.  When Yaya asked Ari what she wanted for Christmas and an American Girl doll was one of the three things Ari wanted…guess what…the rest is history.  We have a new family member.  Arianna named her doll Sara (meaning princess).  Most days Ari and Sara can be seen sporting the same outfits:)  Ari takes Sara with her most places.

 american girl do_1224 4406 american girl do_1224 4407 american girl do_1224 4408 american girl do_1224 4409 american girl do_1224 4410

from Droid 063

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