Friday, March 28, 2008

Warning: Small Shopping Carts May Be Dangerous

I thought I was doing something nice by letting the kids have their own shopping cart when we went to pick up a few things from the grocery store. Ari has always wanted to push one of those little "Customer In Training" carts. Since it was a "short" trip I thought we would give it a try. But WARNING these things are dangerous...:)
First Ari runs over the back of my foot then Ryan runs smack into the end of an aisle. They ran into or almost into multiple people. Ryan's flag caught the Wine bottles on an end cap and almost knocked them over. They were like two line defensemen blocking other shoppers from getting by.
We finally made it to self checkout (with no major injuries) and we almost ended up buying ear mite medicine for a cat. We don't even have a cat. Ryan picked it out, put it in his cart at some point and then while I was bagging the strawberries he scanned it. Goes to show that they do learn things when they are at the grocery store. He was upset that we didn't buy the little qtips for ear mites but I couldn't justify the $6.99:) While I am checking out, they both lost their carts because they were fighting over whose was whose (they were exactly the same).
Take my advice and wait until they are older to try this one:)
Who needs to be adventerous? Every second is an adventure with a 2 and 4 year old!!

Girls Night Out

Last night Arianna and I had a girl's night out. We went to see a play put on by the Christian Youth Theatre entitled The Wizard of Oz. Arianna was so excited to go out with just Mommy and she really likes the Wizard of Oz.

When we arrived she being her little observant self asked questions about everything from lights, screen projectors, why the doors were closed at the beginning to what were the lattices on either side of the stage. She wanted to know where was the Wicked Witch. She wanted to know why the lights went low, when will they come back on. Why was there a tree on stage. What were those things on the ceiling. She wondered why there was a box of tissue on the floor in front of us. It is amazing how much she notices.
The intermission came after one and a half hours (8:30) and since she is normally in bed by 8, I thought she would be ready to go home. But she really wanted to stay and so we did. The show ended at 10pm. She loved every minute of it! She got home and stayed up until well past 11, lying in her bed. Maybe it was the M&Ms or maybe it was the excitement of a special time with Mom.
She informed as we left the theatre that when she gets older she will do her own show of The Wizard of Oz. The only differences is that her Dorothy would wear the blue dress and high heeled ruby slippers. She would also open the doors so that people wouldn't have to wait to get in. She would have a rest in the middle just like this show though. She thought it was cool to take a break and buy some M&Ms during the intermission. She said she would be Dorothy and she would drag Ryan on stage to be the Tin Man. Mommy and Daddy couldn't be in the show because they had to sit in the chairs off stage.
It is so exciting as Ari gets older to start to do the Mommy and Daughter times. We both LOVED spending time together and look forward to the next time!
Ryan and Daddy had fun too! They cleaned up debris in the yard and then played Broom Hockey. Ryan woke up telling and first thing started talking all about how he and Daddy went outside and hit a ball with a stick into a net. Then he said it got dark.

Learning something new

I am not one to do something like this. I really am not that adventerous. I am too scared to mess up! But I want to be adventerous and I love to read others' blogs so I thought I would venture out and give it a try. So here it goes.

Today I began reading a new book: Breathe by Keri Wyatt Kent. I wrote out my day differently. Instead of a list of to dos, I put God in the middle and then listed them around God. Not that I didn't have that knowledge inside my head, I am just trying to get it to my heart! I am trying to keep my focus completely on our Amazing God and not get distracted by the hurried life. There is always so much to do that it is so easy to get distracted.

So much that makes up the hurried life is good. I just want to make sure that those things even the good don't become my focus. I want desperately for my children to LOVE God and cherish the small moments of their childhood. I can only teach them that by doing it myself:)

So today we begin by focusing on God then comes are homeschooling lesson on friendship. Later we will head out to run errands. I hope God buckles his seat belt in the passenger seat of the van!

Here begins the journey