Friday, March 28, 2008

Learning something new

I am not one to do something like this. I really am not that adventerous. I am too scared to mess up! But I want to be adventerous and I love to read others' blogs so I thought I would venture out and give it a try. So here it goes.

Today I began reading a new book: Breathe by Keri Wyatt Kent. I wrote out my day differently. Instead of a list of to dos, I put God in the middle and then listed them around God. Not that I didn't have that knowledge inside my head, I am just trying to get it to my heart! I am trying to keep my focus completely on our Amazing God and not get distracted by the hurried life. There is always so much to do that it is so easy to get distracted.

So much that makes up the hurried life is good. I just want to make sure that those things even the good don't become my focus. I want desperately for my children to LOVE God and cherish the small moments of their childhood. I can only teach them that by doing it myself:)

So today we begin by focusing on God then comes are homeschooling lesson on friendship. Later we will head out to run errands. I hope God buckles his seat belt in the passenger seat of the van!

Here begins the journey

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lovingcjm said...

That book sounds like one that I should read! Love the blog by the way!