Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crazy Pandora

crazy pandora_050910 102

Pandora has always liked to sleep on her back.  I can remember when she was 2 days old sleeping with her litter mates on her back.  crazy pandora_050910 101


archeologist_051210 60

We read a book about an archeologist.  Arianna drew a grid of the dig sight from the book. They both enjoyed digging for their own dinosaur bones.

  archeologist_051210 52 archeologist_051210 53 archeologist_051210 57

My Little Singer

My sweet girl sang a song at church on Mother’s Day.  She was so excited that she got to do one of the group solo parts.  She loves to sing on stage!!!!  I told her just before going on stage to remember why she was singing which was to glorify God and she replied “and it is for you too Mom!”

I am trying to post a video that a friend took of the whole song.  Unfortunately I don’t know how/not taking the time to edit it so it is the song in full.  Chris also did a short video of Ari when she was singing.  If it doesn’t make it on this post, I will try to figure out how to post separately. 

Most of my pictures are from rehearsal since my camera battery died right before she got up to the mic at rehearsal.  Bummer.  Thankfully we had our Droid camera.

Moms day chorus_050910 119

Moms day chorus_050910 126  

 Moms day chorus_050910 112

Moms day chorus_050910 69

Monday, May 17, 2010

It works for me!

I wanted to share how I plan each week.I bought this blank calendar from Staples. 

First, I put all of my appointments/plans for the week at the top.  This gives me an idea of how each day will go. 

Next, I pile up the curriculum books for each child and pick my first one.  Then I start laying out post-its that are the color for that subject.  I usually do 2 weeks at a time.  I then figure out what we are going to study each day and write it on the post-it.  Lastly, I put the post its on the calendar.  I use one row of squares on the calendar for my daughter, one row of squares for my son and one row that they do together.  I color code the post-its depending on the subject to make it easier when putting in the workbox (I keep a cheat sheet on the side of my desk with the colors).    

Each day, I put the post-its in the workboxes and we are ready for the day. 

When I do unit studies, this helps plan out what I want to cover and when.  It also helps to teach to my varying ages.  It helps me to be prepared for what we are going to cover and gives my children an idea of what is expected of them for the day.

My Calendar

post it_051710 1

These are the post-its for Math this week

 post it_051710 2

This is my cheat sheet with the color of post-its for each subject post it_051710 3

Here is the Math book with the post-it for tomorrow.

post it_051710 4

I use a very loose form of Sue Patrick’s Workbox system.  I love the organization but don’t like the stringent part of it. 

post it_051710 5

Birthday Buddies

Aaron 4 bday_041710 544

Ryan’s best friend recently had a birthday!  Ryan had a hard time sharing Aaron with all of the other kids:)  He didn’t quite understand why Aaron played with others too since usually it is the two of them. 

I have noticed lately that Ryan really needs a close friend in a crowd.  He gets lost if there is a group and he doesn’t have one buddy to navigate with.  I think it is because he has never really had to go it alone; he has always had Arianna or someone else in any large crowd.  He is a loyal friend!

   Aaron 4 bday_041710 546

 Aaron 4 bday_041710 446 Aaron 4 bday_041710 473 Aaron 4 bday_041710 476 Aaron 4 bday_041710 477 Aaron 4 bday_041710 478

Jedi Ryan

Aaron 4 bday_041710 510 Aaron 4 bday_041710 512 Aaron 4 bday_041710 513 Aaron 4 bday_041710 514

Aaron 4 bday_041710 651