Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday Trooper

I did it for the first time.  Wow what crowds.  What’s even crazier is that my 5 year old daughter went with me.  Chris dropped me off in Greenville to go shopping with my Mom.  Arianna begged to stay.  We told her we were going Christmas shopping and would be up most of the night.  We also told her that if she went, we wouldn’t be able to buy any presents.  The lure of being with Yaya and Mommy won out over presents and sleep.  Arianna was amazing.  She stayed up all night without complaining or whining a single time. 

We began the shopping at Toys R Us at 11:30pm and kept right on shopping until 8am.  Arianna fell asleep in the car around 5:30am.  She didn’t whine not a single time.  She had a great time!   I didn’t think she would make it the whole night but she proved all of us wrong!  What a trooper…Here are the funny pics I took with my cell phone on our expedition.  They are from later on in the night when she was getting sleepy…

On our stop by Old Navy at 3am (in hopes of getting Lego Rock Band), we bought a coat, socks and hat for Ari.  She didn’t have any (because she was supposed to be back home in her warm bed).   

 black friday 2009 043 black friday 2009 044

Ari and Yaya were getting sleepy while we waited in line at friday 2009 045 black friday 2009 046 black friday 2009 047

This is Arianna after Kohls (5:30ish).

black friday 2009 048

This is Arianna in JcPenneys around 6:30am. 


The crowds were crazy, the lines were long, but the company was unbeatable.  I had a blast spending the night with Arianna, my Mom and my Aunt Barbara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving Festivities

I am finally getting around to posting pics from my first Thanksgiving with my Daddy. Last September 2008, my daddy had a stroke.  He also had cancer at the time.  Last Thanksgiving he wasn’t expected to make it past the new year.  Well a lot has changed since then.  He is now cancer free and doing very well.  He is regaining movement ever so slowly on his left side.  He can walk with the help of a walker.  This year, he is one of the things I am most thankful for!  I was excited to get to spend Thanksgiving Day with him and my family on his side. 

  Thanksgiving 2009

Here is a picture of my Mema, Daddy and me-I can’t wait to get this picture printed and framed!!

Thanksgiving 2009 (2) Thanksgiving 2009 (3)

Ari and Ryan were excited to hang out with their cousins, Lorien and Tristen. 

Thanksgiving 2009 (4) Thanksgiving 2009 (5)  Thanksgiving 2009 (7)

These are my aunts and Grandmother.  Thanksgiving 2009 (8)

These are all of the grandkids with MemaThanksgiving 2009 (9)

These are all of the great grandkids with Mema. Thanksgiving 2009 (11)

Daddy showed off playing pool against my cousin.  Daddy actually won with the next shot…I was in such shock that I didn’t snap the camera! 

Thanksgiving 2009 (12)

Go Daddy!