Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Wheels

Ryan was excited to get a new bike today!  He had outgrown his smaller bike.  Also, he couldn’t keep up with Ari on his smaller bike which was a big deal to him!  Well he now has the same size wheels as her and he is off to the race!  Ryan riding his bike Ryan riding his bike (2)

Ryan riding his bike (3)

Cute Cousins

We went to the park with cousins yesterday.  I wish we could do this more often!  I was visiting my Mom and got the opportunity to hang out one last time with my sister before I headed home. 


We saw these cute ducklings. 


Graceson loves Ryan.  He follows in his footsteps.  Ryan is encouraged by this.


Ryan is all boy…From top speed running down a hill to climbing the highest thing he can find.   DSC_0488 DSC_0492

Ryan loves to have his picture taken IF he wants his picture taken.  Note IF…this day he was posing everywhere for the camera.  DSC_0494  

It is difficult to get a picture of all 4 children smiling…at the same time


This would be a very cute picture of Arianna if her brother wasn’t climbing over her:)



I love this picture of the Ari and Ryan!


DSC_0515 DSC_0518

My cutie!

DSC_0521  DSC_0532 DSC_0537 DSC_0540

Graceson wanted to walk ApolloDSC_0542

My kids scared my sister because they were climbing this rock.  Ryan was frustrated because he couldn’t get all the way up like Ari.DSC_0545

What is it that makes a kid want to put their shoe in their mouth?  Both of my kids have done it and now my beautiful niece does it…DSC_0547

Apollo has loved being an only spoiled dog during this trip.  He enjoyed jumping in the water and chasing the ducks. DSC_0554

Our kids were throwing rocks in the water.  I thought Graceson would be the first to fall in and I turn to the side and my daughter has fallen in.  Ryan thought this gave him a green light to jump in!  DSC_0559

After the park, we went and got lunch.  Then Aunt Leigh bought the kids ice cream.  DSC_0566 DSC_0574 DSC_0575 DSC_0579

Apollo wasn’t sure why she didn’t buy him one too.  However the kids made sure he got plenty!DSC_0584 DSC_0588 DSC_0590

Look at those blue eyes. 


Visiting Yaya

I remember a day in the not too long ago when my Mom wanted so bad to have Grandchildren.  Well I had Arianna and they just kept coming!  She now has 6 grandchildren under the age of 6.  They adore each other! 

Enjoying a breakfast picnic. 

hanging w yaya_050610 76  

Playing in the backyard.  Ryan my stunt man is teaching the others to ride on top of the cars.

hanging w yaya_050410 50 hanging w yaya_050410 52 hanging w yaya_050410 54

Ari riding her bike around

hanging w yaya_050410 58

Graceson loves following his older cousin…unfortunately it isn’t always the safest things…like when Graceson walked around the outer edge of the stairs yesterday following Ryan.  hanging w yaya_050410 64

Arianna loving Apollo

hanging w yaya_050410 66 hanging w yaya_050410 67

Katie enjoying a popsicle

hanging w yaya_050410 71

Layla enjoying a popsicle

hanging w yaya_050410 72   

Papa shows Ryan the crickets that they are going to take fishing.

hanging w yaya_050410 75

Ari with her fish


Ryan driving the boat with Papa

 DROID 129

Apollo laying with his toy.  He sure likes being the spoiled only dog this week.

hanging w yaya_050610 90 hanging w yaya_050610 91

My adorable niece; isn’t she the cutest!!!

hanging w yaya_050610 100

 hanging w yaya_050610 82   hanging w yaya_050610 95

My sweet nephew…he has won my heart and I am finally winning his!!

hanging w yaya_050610 92

Ari said last night…we sure do have a lot of blue eyed blonde haired kids in our family!  At times she feels different since she is the only brown eyed brown haired kid in our family.  I tell her she is special because she has our old genes of Cherokee!! 

I love how all of our kids get along so well!