Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blogged Down

I am so blogged down with things to blog about.  I keep a folder on my computer that is entitled “To Blog”.  It is way full!  I just haven’t had the time lately!  I am going to try to get things updated in the days to come. 

Most of my blog viewers are family that are wanting to keep up with Team Dalton’s comings and goings.  Lately, I have began to post photos to facebook soon after downloading from my camera.  The reason is two-fold…1)it is fast and 2)it is easy to share with others.  I used to keep a folder “to burn to disk for others” on my computer but now I am just posting them to facebook to avoid the extra step of burning a CD.    If you are on facebook, look me up and you can see many of the pictures before they make it to the blog. If you are not on facebook, come join the crowd!

Otherwise prepared to be blogged down with my blog posts in the next few days:)  (I am hopeful anyway that I will get to it!)

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