Saturday, May 8, 2010

Visiting Yaya

I remember a day in the not too long ago when my Mom wanted so bad to have Grandchildren.  Well I had Arianna and they just kept coming!  She now has 6 grandchildren under the age of 6.  They adore each other! 

Enjoying a breakfast picnic. 

hanging w yaya_050610 76  

Playing in the backyard.  Ryan my stunt man is teaching the others to ride on top of the cars.

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Ari riding her bike around

hanging w yaya_050410 58

Graceson loves following his older cousin…unfortunately it isn’t always the safest things…like when Graceson walked around the outer edge of the stairs yesterday following Ryan.  hanging w yaya_050410 64

Arianna loving Apollo

hanging w yaya_050410 66 hanging w yaya_050410 67

Katie enjoying a popsicle

hanging w yaya_050410 71

Layla enjoying a popsicle

hanging w yaya_050410 72   

Papa shows Ryan the crickets that they are going to take fishing.

hanging w yaya_050410 75

Ari with her fish


Ryan driving the boat with Papa

 DROID 129

Apollo laying with his toy.  He sure likes being the spoiled only dog this week.

hanging w yaya_050610 90 hanging w yaya_050610 91

My adorable niece; isn’t she the cutest!!!

hanging w yaya_050610 100

 hanging w yaya_050610 82   hanging w yaya_050610 95

My sweet nephew…he has won my heart and I am finally winning his!!

hanging w yaya_050610 92

Ari said last night…we sure do have a lot of blue eyed blonde haired kids in our family!  At times she feels different since she is the only brown eyed brown haired kid in our family.  I tell her she is special because she has our old genes of Cherokee!! 

I love how all of our kids get along so well!

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