Thursday, May 6, 2010

Buck Family Reunion

We recently had our annual family reunion with my Mom’s side of the family.  We rent a beach house each year.  There are 11 kids under 9 years old.  Arianna is the 2nd oldest (6 years old).  The kids love to be with each other and I love watching them together!!!!!

They enjoyed playing in the hammock.

 Myrtle Beach2010_042210 1

Myrtle Beach2010_042210 13 Myrtle Beach2010_042210 14

Ryan chasing birds

Myrtle Beach2010_042210 20 Myrtle Beach2010_042210 30 Myrtle Beach2010_042210 32 Myrtle Beach2010_042210 33

Our attempts at a picture of the kids at the beachMyrtle Beach2010_042310 46 Myrtle Beach2010_042310 49

Graceson and Ryan jumping wavesMyrtle Beach2010_042310 71

Ryan running from the wavesMyrtle Beach2010_042310 121

The kids put on a performance for us one nightMyrtle Beach2010_042310 283 Myrtle Beach2010_042310 292 Myrtle Beach2010_042310 293

Ari being the wicked witch

Myrtle Beach2010_042310 332

Jason set off fireworks for us on the beachMyrtle Beach2010_042310 364

This was taken from our balcony while the kids fed bread to the birds.

Myrtle Beach2010_042410 379

Things I missed in pictures that I got last year…a picture of most of our family hot tub and a group picture of us all…see them here and here.

The next two posts are things we did while at the beach…

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