Friday, August 22, 2008

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

We went to Chuck E Cheese today. The kids had so much fun playing the various games and winning tickets. All together they won 400 tickets. They also enjoyed riding the simulated motion ride (see above). It is nice to have Nana and Dala in town to be able to do some of these things since I can't chase them both by myself. Tomorrow we are going to see The Wiggles. Crazy but true is that I am looking forward to seeing them probably more than the kids are. Ryan loved them so much when he first turned 2 that I hold fond memories of these guys! He has somewhat outgrown them now but we are still going to see these goofy guys!

I need to get to bed so I can get up early to practice my Monkey Dance before seeing the Wiggles in concert tomorrow:)
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Day at the Musuem

We went to the Children's Musuem today with Nana and Dala. The kids enjoyed the museum and the time with family! There are so many fun things to do at this museum!

Cute Pirate:)
Ari looks like she is hard at work on the pirate ship
Ari sawing a board
Ryan cutting a tube

Nana and Ari drilling

Ari playing hockey

Ryan playing hockey

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paper Addict

Okay so the first step is admitting an addiction.

I am a paper addict. I love to write things down. I love to have a paper planner. I enjoy writing down things in the paper calendar. I love new journals. I get excited to start a new quiet time journal.

I am trying hard to overcome this paper addiction. My husband has been wanting me to move to a PDA for so long and I just couldn't get into it.

Over a week ago, I made the commitment to try out this computer calendar stuff. I have now been paper calendar free for one and a half weeks. I even have a google calendar that syncs with my outlook that syncs with my handheld. I admit that it is much easier to keep up with my calendar on the computer because it is easy to do reocurring events and to delete things but I don't feel the same when I type it then when I wrote it down on my paper calendar.

I intend to keep trying to use outlook and my PDA until the end of September.

The problem is that I found this really really cool paper planner that I ordered before deciding to try to quit using paper. I received it yesterday in the mail and I am dying to write in it:)

Here's to 10 days paper planner free.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Park Day with Friends

Today we went to a park sort of as a reunion/going away party. Our old playgroup from when we were pregnant with our 2nd child got together and had a going away party for one of our close friends. I am still in denial that they are leaving....what will me and my kids do without Steph, Daniella, Zach and cutie-pie Malia. These are like both my kids best friends. The girls have been friends since 3 months old and the boys have known each other since birth. My children LOVE these guys. They will be moving in less than 2 weeks and will be gone for at least 10 months. Luckily this is temporary and prayerfully they will return in 10 months. But who will hang out with on a whim now? So many times we end up together on a last minute plan. I am so grateful for Steph's friendship. She has taught me so much about being a friend! We will majorly miss you guys! Hurry back home!
Ryan and Zach
Old friends
Team work: Helping Ms. Dina push the wagon
Ari's self proclaimed "smiley" eyes
Ryan, Daniella and Arianna
Best Friends
Ryan on the Carousel
Enjoying Snow Cones

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ryan's Boo Boo

Here is my baby's boo boo.

Here is where he bumped his head.
Ryan says...y7777777777gvi9kkk9aarro7p0;8'[

3 Stitches Later

Just talked to Chris, they are on their way back from the pediatric urgent care. Ryan had to get 3 stitches. Chris said he had three nurses oooing and ahhing over him. I am anxious to see his sweet face and kiss his prickly stitches:) I just got my stitches removed last Tuesday so he now has stitches like Mommy had. I will post a picture once they return.

Being a Mommy is stressful business!

First time for everything...

...and hopefully last! Ryan and Daddy are on their way to pediatric urgent care. At bedtime Ryan and Daddy were playing and I walked in the room. Ryan giggles and says ahh...Mommy's a tiger and jumps to the side of his bed. He hit his head on the window seal beside his bed. He has a deep gash in his hairline. I am sitting here playing the waiting game...they just left about 15 minutes ago. I hate this waiting but I also didn't want to be the one to have to hold him for stitches. I had a hard enough time looking at the nasty gash. Ari and I are waiting, waiting, waiting.........

These are hard decisions.. ER or urgent care. Decisions I didn't even think about the difference until now. We decided on a pediatric urgent care but don't know if that was best or not.

On one hand I know this is part of being a parent of a wild boy but I wish he could enjoy being a boy but not get hurt:) Wishful thinking!!

Please pray for my sweet sweet boy!