Saturday, March 7, 2009

Refreshing and Encouraging Weekend

This weekend I attended the Whole Hearted Child Mom’s Retreat.  I am so very encouraged by the retreat and what Sally Clarkson had to share with us as homeschooling Moms.  She is the author of Educating the Whole Hearted Child.  I am inspired and excited about reading her book. 

My family chooses not to enroll in public school so why teach how public school teaches?  And why measure my children’s success based on public school standards?   That is a scary statement but truly what I believe.  I love it when someone has gone before me with this similar belief and is sharing their insights and ideas along with their success story.  Sally Clarkson’s two daughters(age 25 and 13) also shared at the conference. They are amazing, mature and spiritual young women.  Their speech was eloquent and insightful.  It is encouraging to see the adults they have become even though they did not have a traditional public school education.  These two young ladies are so very different than other 13 and 25 year olds that I normally come in contact with. 

After the retreat, I am more confident to continue on the path we are on despite the frequent influence of our culture and public schools.  I know my family is going against the grain but I am excited to see the positive difference made daily in our children’s lives due to the choices we have made. 

I leave you with several quotes that encouraged me from the retreat…

“Before 1865, home was enough to create geniuses”

“In absence of biblical conviction people will go way of the culture”

“Build wisdom one hour at a time”

“Education is not about filling a bucket, it’s about lighting a fire”

“Right is always right even if no one is doing it”

“Foundations Determine the Strength of the Building”

“For this reason we owe it to every child to put him in communication with great minds that he may get at great thoughts; with the minds, that is, of those who have left us great works; and the only vital method of education appears to be that children would read worthy books, many worthy books” Charlotte Mason, A Philosophy of Education, 1925

And my favorite new family quote, “You’re a Dalton…that means something”

Stay tuned for new ramblings as I begin my new book!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random Picture Challenge 7.0


There are 2 ways to pick your random picture this week so more of you can play along.

11th folder
September 2007
11th picture

captivated audience 1

I called this picture “Captive Audience”.  I was reading a book and Ryan was very into the pictures.  I had forgotten this haircut of Ryan’s.   It reminds me of my brother when he was little, he had a similar haircut. The picture is taken in our old house which was very small.  I had almost forgotten how we had stuff in every nook and cranny (see the books behind the couch).  Really makes me even more grateful for our new house.  I just gave the Pajamas that Ryan has on in the picture to my nephew this past weekend. 

I was excited to find this blog challenge.  I enjoy pictures and honestly there are so many that will never be seen by others.  Like this one…I didn’t like it because of me in it.  I am in Pajamas and looking rough.  But it is a captured moment in out history.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ari's 5th Birthday Party

We had a birthday party yesterday for Arianna. It was a fairytale theme. Her friends came dressed as their favorite characters. Enjoy the pics (the comments of each pic tell what is going on)! It was a fun day despite the rainy weather!

Our Visit to the Fire Station

We went to visit a fire station with a homeschooling group.  The fire fighters at Fire Station 3 are the nicest guys!  They talked to us about fire safety.  We got to see them get dressed up in their gear.  They showed us where they ate, slept, exercised and spent their free time together.  We also got to see the fire truck.  It was a great visit!