Thursday, February 4, 2010

Homeschooling First Hand Lessons

There is talk of closing our library. We use the library very frequently!!!

We went out yesterday to exercise our first amendment rights with other homeschoolers. We discussed with Ari about what these rights mean. The kids made signs and we went out to try to show our support. We made it on the news (sort of). We were at one end of the group and didn't make it on most of the video. My friend took some pics but I haven't gotten them yet. I will post the pics once I get them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Happy Years


We recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  Funny thing is that we had tons of snow the year we got married (26”) and this year we also got lots of snow!  We went up to Banner Elk to enjoy some time together.  We beat the snow storm by just hours.  We had a great time relaxing by the fire together!  

I have the best husband!  I am grateful to have such a loving, serving and humble man to lead me and our family! 


These are views from our cabin…Above is when the snow began, and below is the next day.


Our kids stayed with Yaya and Papa.  They enjoyed building a snow man and playing in the snow with their cousins.  DSC_0545 DSC_0553

When we got ready to come home, we had to take the snowman’s hat since it was Ari’s and Chris left behind a new style. 


Life Lessons with Legos

Ari and Ryan have been wanting this Lego pirate ship that cost $99.99.  We made a chart with how much was needed to buy it.  Whenever they got money, they filled in a space.  Recently, they were able to save enough money and off we went to Borders.  The Lego store was sold out and I get an educators discount at Borders.  They ended up being able to get the pirate ship and 2 accessories to go along for the same amount at  Borders thanks to the discount.

I love it that they both love legos!  They work as a team to save their money to buy different lego sets.  They also spend many, many hours together playing with the legos (yes I do realize the proper name is Lego Bricks but they will always be just legos to me). 



Homeschooling Rocks

One of the many things I love about homeschooling…spontaneous field trips.  It was a cold January mostly except for 2 beautiful warm high 60s days.  On the first of those days, my friend asked that morning if we wanted to go to the zoo since it was such a nice day.  So we packed a lunch and headed to the zoo which is about 1.5 hours away.  The kids were so excited!  They had a blast with their friends.  They ended up spending most of their time enjoying being together in the warm weather.  We were all tired of being cooped up inside for so long. 

 DSC_0471 DSC_0473

a couple attempts at group picturesDSC_0474

Mommy is that real…he isn’t moving.  This is Arianna’s favorite animal…an alligator.  We were amazed at how completely still it was.  We eventually saw one of them blink.   DSC_0476

Ryan was talking to the turtle that was greeting him at the glass.


Ari was so proud that she climbed up this rock.  She had trouble at first but persevered. 


She taught Ryan how to do it.  Boy I have 2 dare devils.  Don’t you usually only get one???


DSC_0494 DSC_0497

We watched the sea lions being fed.

DSC_0500 DSC_0501

We spent a long time on the playground.  Below Ryan was calling “Mommy I’m Stuck”  of course I had to snap a picture.  It went something like “Hold on just a minute and let me get a picture.  Then I will help you down”.  DSC_0526


The next day we spent most of the day at the park with friends.  Then the cold weather returned and we are back to only short stints outside before we get too cold. 

Girl Scout Cookie Rally

These are Ari’s Daisy Buddies after the Cookie Rally at Monkey Joes!  These girls have a blast together!  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera so these are taken with my phone which isn’t the best quality.

cookie ralley_0112 7

 cookie ralley_0112 3   cookie ralley_0112 5 cookie ralley_0112 6

Happy 4th Birthday Ryan

We celebrated Ryan's 4th Birthday on December 28 (yes I am behind on blogging). My sweet sweet boy turned 4 not a moment too soon. He has been anxiously awaiting the day when he would finally be four. We spent the morning with Yaya, Papa, Aunt Leigh, Uncle Jeremy, Katelyn and Graceson. In the afternoon, we went to Monkey Joes with Katelyn and Graceson. After Monkey Joes, we went to Fat Daddy's for dinner. It just happened to be kids' night. The clown made a light saber and hat for Ryan and Ari. Then of course we went to the Lego store and Ryan got a minifig of Darth Sidious. Ryan's big birthday party with friends is in June which is when we celebrate his 1/2 birthday.

I am so proud of Ryan. He is an amazing boy! His heart amazes me daily. He is such a caring and compassionate little guy! He melts my heart with his beautiful full faced smile! I love his hugs!

His favorite things right now are Star Wars and Legos.

Enjoy the slideshow