Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Ryan

We celebrated Ryan's 4th Birthday on December 28 (yes I am behind on blogging). My sweet sweet boy turned 4 not a moment too soon. He has been anxiously awaiting the day when he would finally be four. We spent the morning with Yaya, Papa, Aunt Leigh, Uncle Jeremy, Katelyn and Graceson. In the afternoon, we went to Monkey Joes with Katelyn and Graceson. After Monkey Joes, we went to Fat Daddy's for dinner. It just happened to be kids' night. The clown made a light saber and hat for Ryan and Ari. Then of course we went to the Lego store and Ryan got a minifig of Darth Sidious. Ryan's big birthday party with friends is in June which is when we celebrate his 1/2 birthday.

I am so proud of Ryan. He is an amazing boy! His heart amazes me daily. He is such a caring and compassionate little guy! He melts my heart with his beautiful full faced smile! I love his hugs!

His favorite things right now are Star Wars and Legos.

Enjoy the slideshow

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