Thursday, February 4, 2010

Homeschooling First Hand Lessons

There is talk of closing our library. We use the library very frequently!!!

We went out yesterday to exercise our first amendment rights with other homeschoolers. We discussed with Ari about what these rights mean. The kids made signs and we went out to try to show our support. We made it on the news (sort of). We were at one end of the group and didn't make it on most of the video. My friend took some pics but I haven't gotten them yet. I will post the pics once I get them.


Chaotic Beauty said...

Believe or not this is the first Ive heard of this!! I guess thats what we get for not having any TV :( Such a bummer!!!

Daltongang said...

I only know about it because of yahoo groups. We don't have TV either:)

MeritK said...

Great Blog and info! Thanks so much for sharing your link to the Farm days event so that I could post it at NC Homeschool"ology" here is the link where I mentioned your blog - thanks again for thinking of sharing it!