Monday, February 1, 2010

Life Lessons with Legos

Ari and Ryan have been wanting this Lego pirate ship that cost $99.99.  We made a chart with how much was needed to buy it.  Whenever they got money, they filled in a space.  Recently, they were able to save enough money and off we went to Borders.  The Lego store was sold out and I get an educators discount at Borders.  They ended up being able to get the pirate ship and 2 accessories to go along for the same amount at  Borders thanks to the discount.

I love it that they both love legos!  They work as a team to save their money to buy different lego sets.  They also spend many, many hours together playing with the legos (yes I do realize the proper name is Lego Bricks but they will always be just legos to me). 



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Chaotic Beauty said...

Lego's ROCK!! Hannah and Isaiah can sit and play for hours with them! We are definitely a pro lego family!