Saturday, August 29, 2009

Field Trip to Nanny's

My Buddy Beth and I took our gang to the mountains to learn about canning from Nanny (Great Grandma). We left late Monday and arrived in the mountains around 2am. The kids were great during the trip but did not really go to sleep until after midnight. We canned about 14 quarts of green beans on Tuesday (which I didn't take any pictures of). All of our kids enjoyed playing with the playdough that Nanny had made and with the sand that she had gathered from a creek. A wild and rambunctious pup which the kids named Paws joined us while we played outside. Wednesday we went up to Little Pisgah and had a picnic on the top of the mountain. We stopped by the mountain house and the kids loved playing there. Arianna accidentally ran through the screen. She was upset but eventually found the humor in it:) We were excited to see the cows in the meadow on the way down the mountain. We then went walking in the mountain stream. Ari and I tried to catch some spring lizards without any success. We had a wonderful time in nature with one another.

The kids playing a fun game using paint chips. You give them a paint chip and have them find something in nature with that same color. They can then glue them in their nature journals.

The field trip was great! It is so great how well all of our kids get along with each other. I love to share experiences like this with a fellow homeschool Mom which I adore. It was great being able to have full conversations with each other on the trip to and from the mountains.

This is my first time visiting with Nanny without my husband (she is his Grandma). I loved spending time with her and learning more about the simple life and enjoying time together in nature. I am grateful to her for teaching me how to can beans and am excited to try my hand at Canning. I hope the kids remember this experience when they are grown!