Thursday, March 12, 2009

Simply Today


FOR TODAY 3/12/09...
Outside my window... I am looking at the bird feeder and the windy sunny day
I am thinking... I wish I could get caught up on all this housework. 
I am thankful for... our health.  Even though my son is sick with a tummy bug, I am grateful that he will get well.  We do not have any long term illnesses.  I feel for those parents that have to watch their children suffer daily!
From the learning rooms...we have been studying snakes and birds.  Looking forward to being well so we can go outside with our field guides.  Today we are learning about being content despite being stuck inside with a sick little one.  Arianna is going to do the 2nd Lesson of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  She also worked on some math addition this morning.  I am not a big worksheet fan but she enjoys “playing” with them.
From the kitchen... planning to cook chicken ceasar wraps and probably some soup for Ryan.
I am wearing... cozy black pants and green cotton shirt
I am creating... nothing at the moment, too busy caring for my sick boy
I am reading...Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Sally Clarkson, Raising Great Kids by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, 1st to Die by James Patterson
I am hoping... for Ryan to get well and no one else in our house to get sick
I am hearing... How The Grinch Stole Christmas Movie
Around the house... doing laundry and wishing for a house fairy
One of my favorite things... cuddling with my sweet kids
A few plans for the rest of the week: cancelled them all due to sickness...

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


We are all looking forward to spring here.  Can’t wait to spend our days outside in shorts exploring God’s creation! This picture was taken in our backyard right before Ryan got sick. 

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I Love Zofran

My Sweet Boy has been so sick the last three days.  The last 2 days, he has ran a high fever (despite Tylenol and Motrin) and he has slept all day.  He would get up and then lay down almost immediately.  This morning he woke up and his fever was gone but he couldn’t walk and was complaining that his belly button hurt.  I took him to the doctor and they checked over to make sure no obvious infections and told me what I expected…virus.  Just have to wait it out.  He did give me Zofran though for the nausea. 

After the doctor, we went to the pharmacy and waited to have the prescription filled.  Ryan was whining and complaining that his tummy hurt the whole time we were in the store.  While I was in line to pay, I gave him a dose of Zofran.  By the time we got home (less than 5 minutes), he was up and going.  He immediately changed his clothes which is one of his favorite things to do now.  He has been upstairs playing every since.  He still has sick eyes but it is nice to see him off the couch for a bit.

I had to take Zofran when I was pregnant with Ari due to extreme morning sickness.  That stuff is a miracle drug! 

Before Zofran  DSC_0001 (2)


After Zofran DSC_0002 (2)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Any takers…


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one would be greatly misunderstood. 

Ryan is sick.  He spent all day yesterday vomiting.  When Daddy got home, Ryan wanted to lay outside on a blanket.  We put him in the shade but as the afternoon progressed, the sun shifted and he was left lying in the sun.  My ingenious husband grabbed our old sign and put it by Ryan to keep the sun of of him.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this. 

He is still sick but hasn’t vomited since 3am.  He is sleeping right now.  Please pray that he will not get dehydrated and be well very soon.  Also please pray that Ari (nor Mom and Dad) doesn’t get it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful Interview with God

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Arianna’s first soccer game

Arianna had an exciting day.  She began the day by doing one of her favorite things…singing on stage.  (I forgot my camera…bummer).  She loves hearing the audiences applause.    DSC_0018

In the afternoon, Ari had her first soccer game.  She was so cute all dressed up.  I was a bit nervous about coaching as I had no idea what I was doing.  The game was a lot of fun!  She did really well!  Enjoy the pics!