Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More lost teeth

I think Ari is trying to lose all of her teeth at once.  She lost her right top front tooth on the day before her birthday and then the left top front tooth on the day after her birthday.  She looks so cute with her top two teeth missing!  She now has 3 more teeth loose.  Thus far she has lost 5 teeth!

clost tooth_022310 1

Above is when she lost her 4th tooth.  Below is after she lost the 5th tooth. 

 Canother lost too_022610 27 Canother lost too_022610 27  (2)

I love this picture of Chris and Arianna!

Canother lost too_022610 27  (3)

Birthday Goal #1 Completed

Well Arianna wanted to do 2 things during her 6th year, go to Monkey Joes and Chuck-E-Cheese.  She achieved one of those on her birthday. We went to Monkey Joes and then to her favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes.  She is such a dare devil.  It is not enough to just slide down these big slides, she has to go head first. 

 ari 6th bday_022310 5 ari 6th bday_022310 6 ari 6th bday_022310 7 ari 6th bday_022310 8 ari 6th bday_022310 9 ari 6th bday_022310 13

Chris was excited to get into the fun.  The rule is that an adult can be on the slides to assist any child 4 and under.  Chris enjoyed “assisting” our 4 year old!ari 6th bday_022310 15 ari 6th bday_022310 17

ari 6th bday_022310 19

We had a fun day as a family celebrating our 6 year old.

Finishing what I start

One of my new years resolutions/goals is to finish what I start.  I want to do everything and tend to try to.  I am realizing that I have to be more picky about what I choose to do.  Which I started out the new year thinking hard about what I decide to do. 

But now I am trying to decide what to do about those things that I thought would be great but turn out to not be so great.  I feel bad about stopping doing something that I planned to do but realized that it is not as good as I hoped.   Do I keep doing it because that is my goal or do I decide to stop?? 

Hmmm!!  I wish that God would put a big check mark on those things that myself and my family needs to do and a big red X on those things that are not what is best.  That would make my decisions so much easier.

Truth be told, I am grateful to have to make the choice of good, better and best.  Sure beats sitting around being bored with nothing to do:)