Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finishing what I start

One of my new years resolutions/goals is to finish what I start.  I want to do everything and tend to try to.  I am realizing that I have to be more picky about what I choose to do.  Which I started out the new year thinking hard about what I decide to do. 

But now I am trying to decide what to do about those things that I thought would be great but turn out to not be so great.  I feel bad about stopping doing something that I planned to do but realized that it is not as good as I hoped.   Do I keep doing it because that is my goal or do I decide to stop?? 

Hmmm!!  I wish that God would put a big check mark on those things that myself and my family needs to do and a big red X on those things that are not what is best.  That would make my decisions so much easier.

Truth be told, I am grateful to have to make the choice of good, better and best.  Sure beats sitting around being bored with nothing to do:)

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