Saturday, June 6, 2009

True Friendship

I had a great example today of a true friend. She brings me blueberries from the Farmers Market and when she drops them off she offers to take my kids so I can get the house cleaned for guests or to stay and help me clean. This dear friend of mine stayed and helped me get the house cleaned! She fed my kids while I cleaned bathrooms. I am amazed by her friendship and am thankful that God answered my long time prayer for a best friend! The crazy thing is that I haven't known Beth for even a year yet. It seems like we have known each other since childhood!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Crab Princess Bathing Suit

I bought this bathing suit on clearance at Old Navy for $3 when Arianna was around 9 months old. I think it is a size 6-9 Months.    She has worn it every year since.  We have definitely gotten our money’s worth out of this bathing suit! 

We called her the Crab Princess when she was a baby because she always cried (colicky).  I wanted to share pics from each year but I can’t get my external hard drive to work and it has all of my old pics on it. 


Above is Arianna at age 3 and below is Arianna at age 5


Sneak Preview

Arianna has her first dance recital this Sunday.  We had Dress Rehearsal last night.  She was so cute!  Since we are not aloud to video or take pictures at the actual recital, I wanted to share some of the pics from the dress rehearsal.  They are not great because I couldn’t use flash when they were on stage but you get the idea:)  Dance, Dance, Dance…I don’t know how pageant moms do it.  DSC_0017  

Above is in her tap dance…”Hey Good Lookin’”


These are the other dancers in the number

DSC_0021 DSC_0038

Above is from her ballet which is “It’s Not Easy Being Green”DSC_0049

This is my favorite…the Daddy Daughter Dance.  They are dancing to mousercise.  It is so cute!DSC_0052

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun at the Pool


Ryan loves his shooting thing that we got from the dollar store.  He picked one up for his best friend Aaron too!  They had a blast shooting each other with them at the pool.  I am so proud how generous Ryan is becoming.  It was just Christmas time when he cried over handing the picked out gift to the angel tree and now he freely gives things including his favorite things to others. 


Arianna is becoming quite the fish.  She can jump off the side of the deep end and swim back to the side.  DSC_0015

Ryan can swim underwater for a bit.  He loves to sit on the bottom.

DSC_0013  DSC_0032

Arianna and her best friend Alana. 


Ryan thought it was so funny to shoot Ms. Beth.DSC_0040 DSC_0042

Best Friends!


Best Buddies!


All Made Up

Ari had dance pictures yesterday.  The studio requires that they wear make up…I thought Ari had tons on and they said she needs more for onstage.  Wow, how much more make up can she wear??  DSC_0008

Our encounter with a SNAKE!!!

Yesterday when we got home, the dogs were barking.  I knew as soon as I heard that bark that they had something cornered.  It was a snake!  They had that snake so mad!  I got the dogs inside and the snake proceeded to climb the small tree next to the deck.  I tried to knock it out of the tree to get it out of the yard but it kept trying to strike at the broom.  I ran in to get the camera to take a picture and when I came back out, the snake was headed out of the fence.  I once thought I would kill any snake but this is the second nonpoisonous snake that I have let live.  I just couldn’t kill the snake…


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love

Today was Chris’ birthday!  Ryan says that Daddy turned 20 today!  The kids picked out presents for Chris. 

Arianna picked out a dachshund in ballet clothes “because she and Daddy do ballet together”. 


Ryan picked out an “apple snake” because “he liked it”.  You would have to know Ryan to understand his obsession with snakes! DSC_0004 DSC_0006

We had a surprise party after church for Chris.  The kids and I gave Chris a geocache for him to hide.  We have been wanting to hide one for a while now…what better time than today!  DSC_0008  DSC_0010

We found two caches before hiding ours.  Some of our friends came along to learn more about geocaching.  DSC_0011

Arianna is great at finding caches (aka treasures)DSC_0013 DSC_0015

Arianna and Camilla dig through the second cache.  DSC_0017

Here is where Chris hid our family’s first hide.


Camilla and Arianna sharing their treasures.DSC_0021

Cracking a Smile

Ryan was "helping" Daddy clean out the shed yesterday when a ladder accidentally fell on him. Arianna and I were out scrapbooking together. Chris calls to tell me that Ryan has a busted lip. Today Ryan was lying on the couch I turned back to look at him. I noticed that he had 2 cracked teeth. We didn't see it yesterday due to the fat lip. I guess we head to the dentist tomorrow for them to check his teeth. Chris feels terrible. It isn't his fault just an adventurous active 3 year old that loves to take risks. All I can say is that Ryan's guardian angel has to work extra hard to protect him. Perhaps Ryan has several guardian angels. So often, I am grateful that Ryan is kept safe despite his seemingly best efforts. I pray for extra protection for this active little boy! He has the best smile of anyone I know...hopefully he will continue to have a nice smile in the years to come. Now he has a scar on his upper lip (from an earlier injury) and two chipped teeth. Boys will certainly keep you praying!