Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cracking a Smile

Ryan was "helping" Daddy clean out the shed yesterday when a ladder accidentally fell on him. Arianna and I were out scrapbooking together. Chris calls to tell me that Ryan has a busted lip. Today Ryan was lying on the couch I turned back to look at him. I noticed that he had 2 cracked teeth. We didn't see it yesterday due to the fat lip. I guess we head to the dentist tomorrow for them to check his teeth. Chris feels terrible. It isn't his fault just an adventurous active 3 year old that loves to take risks. All I can say is that Ryan's guardian angel has to work extra hard to protect him. Perhaps Ryan has several guardian angels. So often, I am grateful that Ryan is kept safe despite his seemingly best efforts. I pray for extra protection for this active little boy! He has the best smile of anyone I know...hopefully he will continue to have a nice smile in the years to come. Now he has a scar on his upper lip (from an earlier injury) and two chipped teeth. Boys will certainly keep you praying!

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