Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boys will be Boys

While the saying above usually irks me because it is typically used as an excuse for poor behavior, there is some amount of truth to it.  Refer back to my post from earlier this month entitled Boys vs Girls.  Enter into evidence the following pictures…how can one be so opposed to girls and yet so excited to be in ballet class with his sister…not just excited but dressed head to toe in pink.   This only happened once and no Arianna didn’t talk him into it.  He found her tights from the day and was interested in trying to put them on all by himself.  That evolved into Arianna getting dressed up in her ballet clothes which led Ryan to end up in a leotard.  Granted he cried soon after because it was his turn to wear the black outfit.  As I said in my previous post, I am quite open minded to dolls and such but it was a bit challenging seeing my sweet baby BOY dressed in pink from head to toe.  I am glad that in general he has his VERY STRONG opinions against girl things.

Ryan in dance  _813outfits

9 Happy Years

heart you

I meant to post this on our actual anniversary (1/29) but that was a busy co-op day and then we went out to eat that night and then we enjoyed our evening together!:) 

In honor of our anniversary, I thought I would share our engagement story.

We got engaged on July 24, 1999.  We were going up to the mountains of NC to a friends wedding. I thought her wedding started at 4:00 so we had planned to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway and sight see.  On our way Saturday morning, I found out that the wedding was actually at 2:00 and I had to be there early because I was handing out programs.  I told Chris that we wouldn’t get to go up into the mountains.  He was extremely disappointed (at the time I didn’t understand why.) We went to my friends wedding and then went back to my parent’s house for dinner(they were out of town).  Chris cooked dinner while I went downstairs to play with my dog (yes, I was even spoiled then by my soon to be husband!)  All of a sudden Chris asked me to come upstairs quickly.  I thought he might have broken something.  He tells me to look out the kitchen window.  I did and didn’t know what he was so worked up about.  He said “Do you see the red bird (cardinal)?”  I did but I figured a family member of mine had left the stuffed beanie baby cardinal on the back deck so I didn’t think it was significant.  Chris said let’s go outside and see it.  He picked up the cardinal and said “Make a Wish!” (Side note:  it had been our tradition to make a wish when a cardinal flew across our path).  He asked what I wished for and I told him that I couldn’t tell him or it wouldn’t come true.  He said I’ll tell you what I wish “I wish for you to be my wife!”  He got down on one knee and turned the bird around—it had a ring tied to it’s neck.  He proceeded to ask me to marry him.  I said “YES!”

I have an amazing husband who spoils me!  He is by far my best friend in the whole world!  I am very grateful to have someone like him to share a life with!

66Portraits   We got married before the digital age and I don’t have any pics on my computer from our wedding.  This is the first picture that I could find of us that was digital. I don’t have a scanner so I can’t scan anything in.  The picture is from 2006.

WWF at our home

Ari and Ryan had friends over last weekend.  My kids love to wrestle with Chris.   I join in sometimes but the kids don’t like it as much for me to be involved because they get upset that Chris is hurting me.  He is rough.  The kids love it though and keep coming back for more.  Well last weekend all 4 kids wanted to wrestle with Chris.  These are the pictures from the event.  They wore Chris out!  wrestling with _773peraraswrestling with _774peraras   wrestling with _777peraras wrestling with _782peraras

Ryan usually gets hurt at least once but then he climbs back into the ring.

wrestling with _802peraras

wrestling with _803peraras

Friday, January 30, 2009

Our fun and busy day with other Homeschoolers

On Monday we joined one of the local homeschooling groups in the morning at Langley’s Gymnastics.  Ryan’s friend Aaron joined us for the day.  The kids had so much fun!  Unfortunately you have to miss the photo op of me stuck in the foam pit. I got in to “play” with the kids and got stuck.  It is really, really hard to get out of those things.  I tried to play it cool but finally had to cross over to the otherside to climb on a “boat(mat)” and climb out from that.  The kids made it look so easy!

That afternoon, we went to the museum with our Homeschooling Group from church.  We went to the Meet the Animals Class where we got to see and pet a live alligator.  The kids had a great time together.

Whoever said that a disadvantage of homeschooling was socialization, obviously never homeschooled!

Homeschooling Co-op


I have been blessed to meet a dear friend last summer at our pool.  (I joined the pool solely to meet others in our new neighborhood.)  She lives nearby, has kids my kids age and homeschools.  Not to mention, we have similar philosophies of homeschooling. What more could I ask for? On top of that, our kids adore each other. 

We decided to begin a co-op together in January and it is going great!  She teaches my kids one week and then I teach her kids the next week.  The kids look forward to the times together, have the privilege of learning from another adult, and one Mom gets a break. 

I am so grateful for Beth’s friendship and her positive influence on my kids life. 


Alana and Arianna made up a story together about a Snow House.DSC_0005 

Playing outdoors together at co-op…Ryan and Aaron nailing nails into a board