Saturday, January 31, 2009

9 Happy Years

heart you

I meant to post this on our actual anniversary (1/29) but that was a busy co-op day and then we went out to eat that night and then we enjoyed our evening together!:) 

In honor of our anniversary, I thought I would share our engagement story.

We got engaged on July 24, 1999.  We were going up to the mountains of NC to a friends wedding. I thought her wedding started at 4:00 so we had planned to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway and sight see.  On our way Saturday morning, I found out that the wedding was actually at 2:00 and I had to be there early because I was handing out programs.  I told Chris that we wouldn’t get to go up into the mountains.  He was extremely disappointed (at the time I didn’t understand why.) We went to my friends wedding and then went back to my parent’s house for dinner(they were out of town).  Chris cooked dinner while I went downstairs to play with my dog (yes, I was even spoiled then by my soon to be husband!)  All of a sudden Chris asked me to come upstairs quickly.  I thought he might have broken something.  He tells me to look out the kitchen window.  I did and didn’t know what he was so worked up about.  He said “Do you see the red bird (cardinal)?”  I did but I figured a family member of mine had left the stuffed beanie baby cardinal on the back deck so I didn’t think it was significant.  Chris said let’s go outside and see it.  He picked up the cardinal and said “Make a Wish!” (Side note:  it had been our tradition to make a wish when a cardinal flew across our path).  He asked what I wished for and I told him that I couldn’t tell him or it wouldn’t come true.  He said I’ll tell you what I wish “I wish for you to be my wife!”  He got down on one knee and turned the bird around—it had a ring tied to it’s neck.  He proceeded to ask me to marry him.  I said “YES!”

I have an amazing husband who spoils me!  He is by far my best friend in the whole world!  I am very grateful to have someone like him to share a life with!

66Portraits   We got married before the digital age and I don’t have any pics on my computer from our wedding.  This is the first picture that I could find of us that was digital. I don’t have a scanner so I can’t scan anything in.  The picture is from 2006.

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