Friday, January 30, 2009

Homeschooling Co-op


I have been blessed to meet a dear friend last summer at our pool.  (I joined the pool solely to meet others in our new neighborhood.)  She lives nearby, has kids my kids age and homeschools.  Not to mention, we have similar philosophies of homeschooling. What more could I ask for? On top of that, our kids adore each other. 

We decided to begin a co-op together in January and it is going great!  She teaches my kids one week and then I teach her kids the next week.  The kids look forward to the times together, have the privilege of learning from another adult, and one Mom gets a break. 

I am so grateful for Beth’s friendship and her positive influence on my kids life. 


Alana and Arianna made up a story together about a Snow House.DSC_0005 

Playing outdoors together at co-op…Ryan and Aaron nailing nails into a board


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