Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hard Lessons

Ari recently had to make a difficult decision.  She has been taking drama all semester with CYT (Christian Youth Theatre).  They were putting on a performance of Charlotte’s Web which Arianna was very excited about doing.  However it just so happens that the performance dates fell on the same dates as our annual family reunion.  I gave her the choice of which to do and she chose the family reunion but was very sad that she would have to miss the performances.    It broke my heart seeing her sadness at having to choose but I was proud of her for choosing family first.  We are hoping to take drama again in the fall in which case we will be looking forward to having the opportunity to be in the performance. 

It was a drop off class so I don’t have any good pictures but these are a few I took in one of the classes with my phone.   Ari drama_031610 722 Ari drama_031610 723 Legopalooza_031610 687

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