Monday, May 17, 2010

It works for me!

I wanted to share how I plan each week.I bought this blank calendar from Staples. 

First, I put all of my appointments/plans for the week at the top.  This gives me an idea of how each day will go. 

Next, I pile up the curriculum books for each child and pick my first one.  Then I start laying out post-its that are the color for that subject.  I usually do 2 weeks at a time.  I then figure out what we are going to study each day and write it on the post-it.  Lastly, I put the post its on the calendar.  I use one row of squares on the calendar for my daughter, one row of squares for my son and one row that they do together.  I color code the post-its depending on the subject to make it easier when putting in the workbox (I keep a cheat sheet on the side of my desk with the colors).    

Each day, I put the post-its in the workboxes and we are ready for the day. 

When I do unit studies, this helps plan out what I want to cover and when.  It also helps to teach to my varying ages.  It helps me to be prepared for what we are going to cover and gives my children an idea of what is expected of them for the day.

My Calendar

post it_051710 1

These are the post-its for Math this week

 post it_051710 2

This is my cheat sheet with the color of post-its for each subject post it_051710 3

Here is the Math book with the post-it for tomorrow.

post it_051710 4

I use a very loose form of Sue Patrick’s Workbox system.  I love the organization but don’t like the stringent part of it. 

post it_051710 5

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