Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beach Trip to Shackleford Island

Okay I know this is a lot of posts but I am so far behind on this so I am catching up...I am at least up to this week now:)
On Monday, we went on a day trip to Shackleford Island with my best friend LaTisha and her nephew Nyshawn.
We took a ferry over to the island.

Ryan really enjoyed the ferry:)
The island is known for it's pluthera of shells. We came back with tons of shells!

Ryan enjoyed being buried. He said he was like Spiderman when he breathed because the sand went up and down with his lungs. (Not sure why he related that to spiderman but he thought it was cool!)
Nyshawn the sand cookie:)

There are also wild horses on the island but everyone was too tired to walk to that side of the island to see them. This is one of my favorite places...Chris and I have camped there before.

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