Friday, April 18, 2008

Inner Mom vs Inner Child

A difficult thing for me as a Mom is to balance being overprotective and allowing my children to do the things that I enjoyed as a child! I dread the age when they can really climb a tree. Today we went to Lake Johnson with friends. My kids wanted to put their feet in the lake. Which I was fine with since they had their crocs on. But a small putting your feet in the water turned into a swimming adventure. Before I know it they are both wet up to their waste and having a blast. The ducks that we were feeding had split since Ryan was chasing them deeper and deeper into the water. I tried not to think of the poop infested water and the distant threat of "bird flu". I don't know how my parents did it. How do you let them experience childhood and yet not worry about their safety and wellbeing? Oh well, I try to trust God and let them be kids. Ringworm is treatable:)
They enjoyed feeding the ducks and geese.

Tired kids enjoying ice pops!

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Dina said...

you know i struggle with the same thing - but my mother kept me so sheltered and i was always sick with something. staying super clean is not good either... and they learn so much from being allowed to do "crazy stuff" in their eyes - and we moms get to look like the coolest moms ever to them (even though we are secretly freaking out inside) - that's exactly how i felt when i put matthew on the creek swing! :-) you are such a great mom - have fun!!!