Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer Haircut Inspirations

We recently cut Ryan's hair short for the summer (ignore the nasty nose and dirty face:)
Chris hates it when his hair is long and has been wanting to see what he would look like with his head shaved since I can remember. Chris was inspired by Ryan and got brave tonight. We cut his hair short like Ryan's. I think he looks very cute with his new haircut. He isn't sure if he likes the look of it but he certainly likes the feel of it!
My handsome husband after:


misspro312 said...

Wow!! Big change for the boys!!! Can't wait to see ya for the Joanna's shower!

Anonymous said...

I remember it was a scary thing for Caleb to do but I had been wanting him to do if forever! Its much easier to keep and a lot cheaper!