Monday, October 20, 2008

A Day at the State Fair

Today we continued a family tradition that has special meaning to us. We went to our State Fair. My first date with my husband was to the State Fair 13 years ago. Every year we celebrate that time by visiting the fair together. The kids were very excited this year! We rode a lot of rides, ate yummy food and just enjoyed our time together as a family!

This is us riding the ferris wheel.

This is the kids by a cow. It was at the cows 13 years ago that Chris says he knew he wanted to marry me:)
The kids and I rode this spinning tea cup ride. We had it spinning around so fast that Ryan couldn't even sit up straight.

The kids really enjoyed this ambulance. It carried on a conversation with them. Ryan was intrigued and Ari was asking how it could do that. A man was nearby controlling the ambulance. They even hugged their new friend the ambulance goodbye!
Ryan proud to be in the front of a big truck.
This was my favorite part...the petting zoo. I hate that we are so separated from the animals now. When Chris and I first went to the fair, we got to pet the cows and many other animals. Now you are on the other side of a fence and there are signs everywhere that tell you to make sure you wash your hands. Sad world that we live in today:) My kids are those kids kissing the animals so I don't know what good hand washing will do!
Look at this cute face!
This reminded me of Ryan. Always got to be at the highest place!!
This was Ryan's favorite ride...the motorcycle.

They both enjoyed the dragons!
Arianna and Ryan milked a cow. The funny thing is that they had to sanitize their hands before milking the cow. Now that makes more sense to protect the cow from our little germ carrying monkeys! Arianna said milking the cow was one of her favorite things from today.
It wouldn't be a Daltongang adventure without some tree climbing danger:)

Arianna enjoyed collecting stickers from each booth! She had so many stickers on her shirt and now guess where they are...on my van window. She took them off one by one on the way home and stuck them to the inside of the van window. I guess we know what Mommy will be doing tomorrow!
We ended up spending from early this morning until after 5:30 this evening at the fair. We didn't take a stroller in. Amazingly, the kids did really well walking and not complaining. Ryan got a little fussy near the end and Chris carried him. Here is a pic of my worn out baby passed out on Chris' chest.
When I put them to bed tonight, Ari said "I want to go back to the fair!" I love the fair but I am glad it is only a once a year thing!

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