Thursday, December 4, 2008

Arianna's new addition

Arianna broke her arm yesterday. She fell from our play structure head first and broke her fall with her right arm. It was not obvious that her arm was broke. She had no swelling and could use it to cut and draw. I ended up taking her to the doctor this morning because she woke up and said it still was hurting; still no swelling. Turns out she broke both bones (radius and ulna). She has to wear a full arm cast until Christmas Eve and then she gets a partial arm cast for 3 more weeks after that. She chose a purple cast! She was very brave today! I was very proud of her!

She is upset that she has to wear a cast and cannot take it off. She keeps saying I want this off! She is already running around and playing despite the cast.
Above she is getting her 2nd set of x-rays.Below they are putting her cast on.
Below she is showing off her cast in front of the Christmas Tree.

She wanted her best friend Alana to be the first to sign it (below).
We were suprised that Arianna was the first to break something, we thought Ryan would be the first!


misspro312 said...

Poor Baby!! It looks like she handled it like a champ!!

Better than I probably would have!

Trinity Mommy said...

Wow, you guys have us beat! She does look quite cute though!