Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Co-op Day

We are talking about Community Helpers for the next two weeks in school. Today was our homeschooling co-op day.  We discussed dentists.  We read Oh, The Things You Can Do that are Good for You by Tish Rabe.  We then did an experiment with what drinks are good for our teeth.  We used clean egg shells and soaked them overnight in different drinks (OJ, water, milk, coke, No sugar added Cranberry juice, Green Tea).  Everyone predicted what they thought was good for their teeth.  We then looked at the results of our experiment to determine if our predictions were correct.  It was amazing what sugar does to the eggshells and in turn how it affects our tooth enamel.  Next, Arianna and Alana cut out pictures of different foods to make a chart of what foods are good for us. We had lunch together and then went outside to play.  Alana and Aaron went home for nap and then came back for dinner.  After dinner we played and then watched Lady and the Tramp.

Here is our chart of our predictions and the actual results at the end.


Arianna and Alana cutting out pics of food DSC_0009

Enjoying lunch together


Arianna, Ryan and Layla squeezed on the gator


Watching a movie in their PJsDSC_0023

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Trinity Mommy said...

Love the PJ picture! Kids in PJ's just make you want to smile!