Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am exhausted.  The kids and I worked on planting flowers around our mailbox.  I figured that was a small area and it would get me motivated to do the rest of the yard.  Well it might have had the opposite effect.  That small area took most of the afternoon and boy am I tired!  No wonder my grandmother stayed so thin all of her life!  She loves to garden and finds it therapeutic.  I was hoping to have some of her green thumb and wish that I enjoyed it half as much as she does.  Maybe it will become more enjoyable once my back gets used to the bending over and my arm muscles are built up from pulling weeds.  One can always dream:) 

On the other hand we did have a great time digging, finding all of the insects, playing in the mud, getting dirty from head to toe and then playing in the water!  I wish I would have taken my camera outside and taken a before and after picture.  We are excited to see our flowers appear!more sunflowersa 010

These are our sunflowers from last year.  We are going to make a playhouse with sunflowers this year.  Looking forward to that project…I think:) 

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