Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Morning

  Our kids know that the Easter is about Jesus and that the Easter Bunny is really Mom and Dad but we still enjoy the tradition of a “Easter Basket”.  I discovered a hidden talent of Chris’…he is great at making clues for a scavenger hunt.


The night before we told them there would be a clue on the night stand. The first thing Ari said when she woke up was where is the note…They had a great time with the scavenger hunt!

“Happy Easter, this is the start of your path                       

Your next stop is where you take a bath…”

(no bath pic)

“Toilet, Tub, Shower, Sink

Now go where you can get something cold to drink…”


“We hope you laugh and think this is funny,

now go find something with jelly beans and a bunny”DSC_0479

“You’re almost there, do not retire,

Now go where you would find a fire”DSC_0482

“In the closet in the hall, you’ll find a gift that’s given

to celebrate the day that Christ is Risen!!”DSC_0488 DSC_0489 DSC_0492 DSC_0502

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Trinity Mommy said...

Wow the kids are growing up so fast!