Monday, September 14, 2009

Death of a Pet

Well the thought-to-be-immortal fish Daniella proved us wrong today.  I found her dead in the bowl this morning.  Arianna has taken it pretty hard.  She has cried a couple of times today.  Ryan at first tried to say that Daniella would wake up soon.  Arianna wanted to bury Daniella in her Lego Indian Jones box .  Ryan didn’t want to bury her since “she wouldn’t be able to get out when she woke up.”  We buried Daniella underneath the tree in our front yard.  Arianna put a butterfly flower in the box with Daniella.  After the burial, we sat and talked about death and our fish that lived far longer than she should have.  Ari was concerned about Daniella’s soul and if it was in heaven with God now.  We said a prayer for our fish and laid a rock with a cross on top of where we buried her.  Ari also laid one of our morning glories on top of the grave.  Arianna is upstairs now coloring pictures to put on Daniella’s grave tomorrow.

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