Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Spooktacular

I volunteered for the first time on Friday night at Noah’s Landing for their Halloween Spooktacular.  I volunteered in the nocturnal small animal barn…there were tree porcupines, fennec foxes, serval cat, bengal cats, giant tortoises, a spring hare and an armadillo.  I had so much fun with the different animals.  Chris and the kids came with some of our friends to trick or treat with the animals. 

noahs landing

Ryan and Christopher checking out the American Alligator.

noahs landing (2)

Arianna making her treat bag.

noahs landing (8)

noahs landing (3)

Chris talking with Skylar (his favorite animal at the farm)noahs landing (4)

These owls were amazing.

noahs landing (7)

noahs landing (5)

Arianna making a craft and the lady making a craft for Jedi Ryan.noahs landing (6)   noahs landing (9)

Ryan checking out the skeleton.noahs landing (10)

A hissing cockroach.  These are cool creatures!noahs landing (12)

I was dressed as a bat.  Here we are talking about the turtles. noahs landing (13)

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