Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Night Bowling

We went bowling tonight with some of our friends. Chris kicked our butts! He scored 168. He had a ton of strikes! I scored the lowest (less than both Ari and Ryan)! Ari scored 72. We had a fun time!
We started out without the ramp for the kids. They would roll the boll and it was going so slow that at one point there were 3 balls sitting still on the lane. So the kind gentlemen brought us this ramp. Ryan and Ari were funny, they would back way up and run toward the ramp then push the ball.
Ryan claps after his turn.
Daddy and Ryan play a shooting game. What a team!

Levi and Ari pretend to play a game.
Ari and Levi play air hockey.
Yes that is my daughter on the bottom of that pile. I realize this looks like abuse on the boys part but she was grinning the whole time. We have a very rough and tough girl! She loves to rough house and wrestle. I know that boys are supposed to be "gentle" with girls and that is a great lesson, but what do you do when you have a girl that loves to be rough? How do you teach you boy to be "gentle" with all girls except his sister?

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