Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Arianna’s 1st Day of Kindergarten


Today was Arianna’s first official day of Kindergarten.  She has exceeded most preschool expectations so we decided to go ahead and begin Kindergarten.  She was very excited about her first day of Kindergarten.  We began with a devotion on Adam and Eve from Little Hearts for His Glory.  We then got an unexpected phone call to spend time with their best friends Alana and Aaron.  So we decided to take an early break for “recess” and go celebrate Day 1 of Kindergarten with best friends.  After lunch with friends, we went to the library to pick up a few books.  In the library parking lot, the kids found earth worms.  What I love about homeschooling is that the best lessons are life.  Instead of coming home and doing the planned circle time activity, we came home and made a habitat for the earth worms.  We discussed their importance, what they ate, how to care for them and how they felt.  They named their earth worms Sally and Zach.  The kids were excited to find even more earthworms in our driveway. We now have a home for our earth worms in the sensory table.  



Arianna and Ryan cutting out the pictures for our daily schedule. 


In the afternoon, we had our first lesson from Five in a Row.  We read and discussed A Pair of Red Clogs by Masako MatsunoWe talked about Japan and also about being truthful.

We did an obstacle course for the letter R.  The obstacle course consisted of the following: tracing a foam puzzle piece of the letter R with their fingers, jumping on a blanket shaped like the letter R and saying “rrrrr” while they jumped, riding on a boat (collapsed ironing board) and saying  “rock, rock, rock”, looking through a pile of shaped blocks to find the letter R and lastly, writing the letter R on a piece of paper.  I am trying to help Ryan learn the letters of his name.   They loved the obstacle course.


I am worn out after our busy day.  Arianna kept wanting more and more activities.  She would say, “What are we doing next in Kindergarten”?  I am glad she enjoyed her first day but I already need a vacation day:) 

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