Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ryan


Ryan celebrated his 3rd birthday on December 28th.  He says he is now 6 (he was 5 before).  I am not sure who was more excited about his birthday…him or Ari.  Below she gives him an unexpected hug when he is opening the gift she picked out (Scooby Doo) figures. 

DSC_0171 DSC_0196 DSC_0280

Ryan’s “transformer” cake.  This was a flop.  I couldn’t find my round cake pans so I decided to make just a rectangle cake and cut it in half to make it 2 layers (hence the name transformer—rectangle to square).  Well I couldn’t get the icing to stick to the sliced side.  Hence the many many sprinkles trying to hide the mess.  If I flipped the cake around, it would like mice had been having a cake fight.  Ryan didn’t care, he loved us singing happy birthday and blew the candles out before I could get a picture.  We didn’t have a big party for him since we are doing a 3.5 year party in July.  He wanted to have his buddy Aaron over and Canaan.  We had a small transformer party. 



The kids enjoyed trying to bust the pinata. 


Ryan’s favorite present was his Fisher Price Smart Cycle that he got from Nana and Dala. 


I also had a birthday recently on December 26th.  It was one of my favorite birthdays.  Chris really makes me feel special on my birthday which is tricky since it is the day after Christmas.  The day was spent being spoiled by my 3 favorite people (Chris, Ari and Ryan). 

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