Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Sunflower House

We decided to plant a sunflower house back in April.  We had our first bloom today!  The kids have been excitedly waiting for this day.  The sunflowers have taken a long time to grow.  We pruned a lot of them several weeks back to see if that would help them grow better.  There is this one super sunflower that has always been almost double the size of the others and that one decided to make it’s appearance today!


Here is where we plotted out where we wanted the house walls.  We used a tape measure to decide the size.  Next, our soil was really hard so we had to dig for several days to trench out the hard soil. 


The neighborhood kids came over to help dig out the trench.  We used water to help soften the soil.  The kids enjoyed playing in the mud!!

DSC_0099 DSC_0102 DSC_0105

After we finished trenching, we added potting soil into the trench.  We then planted various types of sunflower seeds and also morning glories. 


Ryan enjoyed eating the extra sunflower seeds.   DSC_0115

Next Arianna watered the seeds.

 DSC_0124 DSC_0125


Our house has really grown…we can’t wait until it gets a little bigger so we can work on the roof.  We plan to run twine across the top so that the morning glories can wind it’s way across. 


Today Arianna sitting inside the garden.  DSC_0010 

Here are the stepping stones the kids made for the entrance to the house.


Ari and Ryan excited about the bloom.DSC_0008

The  beautiful sunflower…


Here is the book that we used to plant the garden.  I highly recommend this book.  We got it from the library but hope one day to own it:) 


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