Monday, September 28, 2009

Waterfall Hunters

We went hunting for waterfalls a couple times on our trip. The first falls was a steep stair walk at first. The falls were beautiful. Arianna enjoyed playing in the mud at the foot of the falls.

The second falls was More's Cove Falls. The hike up to the waterfall was beautiful. Lot's of streams to play in and many bridges to cross. On our way up, we looked for evidence that animals had been around.

It was cool to stand underneath the 50 ft Waterfall.

Arianna and Carden discovered a small path beside the fall and wanted to see if it led to the top so we followed. Ryan and Kessler, though tired, really wanted to go up so we did. I wouldn't really call it a hike but instead a climb up tree roots. We made it to the top to see a second waterfall but stopped there since it looked too treacherous to continue. I did get a kick out of a tree that was at the part where we stopped. It said "I was stupid" I laughed and said "I wonder if they had four kids with them":) Arianna and Carden really enjoyed the climb. When we got ready to climb down it began to rain. By the time we reached the bottom, we were covered in mud and soaked from the rain (and playing in streams). We made it back to the car and got all warm and snug.

There are so many beautiful waterfalls in the mountains of NC. We look forward to going back and discovering more!

It was great to have a friend with kids that was willing to so intimately enjoy nature with! My children love the outdoors and "getting their feet wet".

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