Friday, October 2, 2009

Trying something new

So I am going to take on a new activity in homeschooling next week...a lapbook. I have heard lots of craze over this but haven't actually tried it yet.

We are discussing Johny Appleseed next week. It is a springboard from our discussion on Indians as well as a seasonal study of apples and of course a character study into Johny's values.

My confession is that I have actually never read Johny Appleseed...unfortunately I didn't grow up learning all of these great classics! But I hope my kids will not be able to say the same when they are adults:)

Stay tuned to see how our first lapbook turns out. It seems awfully labor intensive but we will see:)

Check here for some of the ideas I will be using...

Do you have any suggestions for completing one of these?

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Mozer said...

Well lapbooking is so much like scrapbooking :) We actually use the mini-books but put them on regular cardstock that has been 3-holed punched. Then the kids can slip them into their notebooks. I think the term is "lap-n-note" :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Glad you found something useful. Have fun lapbooking!